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Apr 05

scifrey said: I absolutely adore your CONsent project. I've seen the phrase on posters before, and thought it was a fantastic thought worth spreading, and I'm so pleased to see it growing. (I'm going to a Con in Toronto today and I asked the photographer to please make a point of finding me so I can participate!) Also, bizarre coincidence time: I JUST handed in the short story sequel to my new novel to my agent. It takes place at a Con, where I, yes, wrote a cosplay=/= consent scene! Seems to be a zeitgeist.

Oh my goodness! That does seem like a happy coincidence. If and when it becomes available to the public, please let me know so I can read it and share it around! And thank you for the support. The concept is definitely not original to the project, but we are hoping it can help spread the message to other cons. If more conventions take a formal stance on the subject, then change is bound to happen!

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